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A big factor for any project is cost. It is always our goal to give our clients the most realistic look at their project cost BEFORE the project begins. This allows for homeowners to have a stress free project from the very beginning. Having a budget helps you and us prepare the proper level of finishes and materials to be used on your project. Below is some of our pricing for reference. Although some companies use the come in cheap and raise the price later tactics that will never be our approach.


Guest Bathroom Remodel              $17,000.00 

Master Bathroom Remodel           $22,000.00

Kitchen Remodel                              $40,000.00 RTA Cabinetry  $50,000.00 Custom Cabinetry

Room Addition                                  $300.00 per Sq. Ft. 285.00 with no plumbing

Custom Home Build                         $285.00 Build Cost Only/ General Contractor Fee 12%

Garage ADU Conversion                 $235.00 

Garage Build                                      $215.00 per Sq. Ft.

Hourly Rate / Misc. Items               $65.00-85.00 per hour           


All prices subject to change and have exclusions and allowances for certain materials. 

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