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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to some of our most common questions. If there are any questions you still have please do not hesitate to call us and ask away.

1. Are you licensed?

     Fully licensed and insured. We hold a B license as well as a C6.  you can look up more info on our qualifications with the state board. License 964759

2. Do you require deposits?

      We do not require any deposits on any jobs. We only require a signed contract which has             description of work, pricing, time-lines etc.

3. Do you offer free estimates?

    No. All estimates as of 2021 will be 150.00 fee. If we get hired for the project we apply this amount to the project. If we are not hired we are then paid for time spent on estimating as most of our bids take a lot of legwork. This is meant to eliminate a lot of the people looking for advice only with no intent to hire us. Certain situations or projects we may waive this fee at our discretion.

4. How soon can you get to our project?

      All projects requiring permitting will be scheduled once a contract is signed and we start the plans. Most of the time once permits are processed we start within a week. Remodels and jobs with no permits plan on anywhere from 2-4 months before we can start.

5. How long does it take to build a room addition?

    Room additions take anywhere from 6-8 weeks to complete once permits are acquired.

6. Do you handle plans and permits for custom homes, and room additions etc.?

    We can handle all permitting if needed. Every year there are new regulations and hoops to jump through for building. We are very familiar with the process and we actually recommend having us handle this portion. We also work closely with several architects and engineers who we can recommend for plans.

7. How long do permits take to acquire?

     Permits are actually the biggest hurdle to overcome for any project. Room additions usually take 3-4 months to get done. Custom home permits can take 6 months best case to 1 year. There are lots of factors to consider. Currently Cities are backed up and taking up to ( months to get us permits for additions. 

8. What does an ADU or room addition cost?

     We start at 300 dollars a sq. ft. for additions with no plumbing. Any structure with plumbing we start at 350 a sq. ft. and up. There are lots of variables to consider but this is a very realistic idea of cost. 

9. Do you help with financing?

     We can help with financing however most people choose to use there homes equity HELOC or Refinance? The rates are much better.

10. Do you sub out work?

      We are a small company and do most work ourselves with exception of several trades which are specialty. Roofing, plumbing, HVAC, Electrical, Tile, Drywall, Paint. Although a lot of companies say they do it all, it is in fact best to have a plumber do plumbing and an electrician do electrical. You do not want a guy that does drywall installing your plumbing. Every trade on our jobs are experts in their desired field and offer nothing but the best quality.

11. Do you offer a warranty?

      Yes all projects we complete we are happy to warranty for 1 year per law. All plumbing, electrical, HVAC, Roofing etc.  We do our best to provide the best quality around however a mistake can happen and we will ALWAYS be there to fix or remedy any situation.

12. Do you Change Order?

       Change orders only happen if you change the scope of work or materials. All changes are approved first in writing. There is no surprise bill at the end of any project. Our contracts are very detailed and both the homeowner and contractor know exactly what the scope of work is. We price all projects for out the door pricing which means we don't come in low to get the job just to up the price as we go.

13.Do you have references?

     We have many references available. We are friends with all our clients and work primarily off word of mouth.

14. Do you work on the jobs daily?

     We are on every job daily. We only take on 4 jobs max at a time, so you get to work directly with us the owners.

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